“All that a man can imagine is possible.”

We are convinced that the relationship between nature and human being can be improved through “organic economy”.

We at “Leeb Vital” provide the best and most innovative products from organic goat and sheep milk and because of this we also have the most satisfied customers.

Our values


We don't act only for the moment; we want to contribute to the well of our customers, employers and suppliers long-term.
This is visible by our long-standing relationships between us and our customers, employers and suppliers.


The currently existing relationships with our local farmers should be maintained in the future. The raw milk quality is mainly influenced by the good work, by the right treatment and correct care of the goats and sheeps. To ensure this continuity we regularly invest in our production and in further education of our employers - so we can assure our excellent quality.

Awareness for our environment

Sustainability can only be realized by protecting our environment.  Beside the use of organic goat and sheep milk and the support of our local farmers we exclusively use organic ingredients like fruits and herbs. Our employees take care about reasonable and considerate use of these ingredients by using as short process-routes as possible.

Rootedness and social relationships with employees 

For already twenty years Leeb Vital is rooted in the Upper Kremstal area. Almost as long as this we care for our relationships with the local farmers. This earthiness helps us not to lose the social contact to our employees and customers.