Goat yoghurt

Organic yoghurt natural


“100% organic" means that we only use organic ingredients for our sheep yogurt. It doesn't contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The high-quality sheep milk for our yogurt comes from regional farmers and gets processed from us according to strict quality criteria. Our sheep yogurt is characterized by it's delicate and creamy taste.


Organic yoghurt with strawberries


For this product we improve our high-quality natural yoghurt with sunny grown strawberries. An enjoyment of fruity and creamy. Artifical flavors don't belong into a organic yoghurt. Instead you will find up to 11 % real, pure strawberries.


Organic yoghurt with vanilla


The delicate, smooth taste of vanilla doesn't just turn this yoghurt into a very refreshment but also into a real pleasure for the palate. Our organic goat yoghurt vanilla out of fresh, regional organic goat milk captivates with his fully flavor. Artifical flavors won't you find here. We used exclusively real organic bourbon vanilla.


Organic yoghurt with mango


Our yoghurt with mango combines the exotic sweet mango taste with the exquisite gentle taste of our natural sheep yoghurt. This organic goat yoghurt mango tempts with it's full sweet taste. As usual there are no artifical flavors or extracts. Just about 13 % real pure mango.


Organic yoghurt with blueberries


At this composition the regional fresh goat milk meets tasty blueberries. Fruity-creamy! For artifical flavors, extracts and preservatives you may search as long as you wish. But you'll only find guaranteed 10 % real pure blueberries.


Organic yoghurt with apricots


Fresh organic apricots get fondly cut up, a few of them get mashed, and of them get mixed with creamy natural yoghurt. A refreshing and fruity taste! Every cup contains almost 10 % pure apricot. Their natural sourness perfectly harmonzies with the gentle taste of the natural yoghurt. 


Organic yoghurt with raspberries


Sunny grown, luscious raspberries. Fresh, gentle tasted natural organic yoghurt. An enjoyment melting on your tounge. No artifical flavors or extracts. Only 11 % fresh raspberries in each cup!